Organizing papers with tellico

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Tellico is a collection managing program which can be easily used as a sort of database for all the literature you store on your hard disk. It allows you to store additional information such as e.g. title, author, keywords, or even links to the files themselves (the files are not stored in the database but can be anywhere on your hard disk or the internet). It is also extremely customizable in the sense that you can define your own entry fields and omit standard fields you do not need.

Tellico allows you to import your bibtex bibliographies so that you will not have to enter all this information by hand. Also it allows you to then to select and export parts of the database again. The tellico database is of course fully searchable for every single piece of information you put in. All in all it is a useful tool for handling large collections of literature references.


As an example you can have a look at my personal database, just open it with tellico. The links to the articles will not work on your system, but you can play around with the database.

For more info please take a look at the Tellico Handbook.

Or you could ask Martina or Harald for more information.